Our Wonderful Feline Friends!

Pyewacket (Guardian Angel)

This is our first little girl and the beginning of our love affair with cats. We got her as a 14 week old kitten to keep our dog Toby, company during the day. She grew up knowing all things dog. Pye lived a long and relatively healthy life until Chronic Renal Failure got really bad at about 19 years. We had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge just after her 20th birthday, in April 2001.

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This is our new little girl. We adopted Misty and her brother Sassy, from the Siamese Rescue Alliance. They were left without a home when their previous caretaker was called to the Rainbow Bridge. They were 9 when they came to live with us and will be celebrating their 13th birthday in November 2004. Misty is a kind and gentle little kitty who loves to be brushed.

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Sassy, is a big boy cat with the attitude to match. He is very sure of himself, outgoing and loveable. He was hyperthyroid when we got him in June of 2001, and spent a week at the vet's for an iodine treatment. Unfortunately, he was one of the 2% of cats receiving the iodine treatment that is now hypothyroid, so he takes 2 pills daily to give his thyroid a boost!

He was diagnosed September 16, 2002 with Feline Diabetes. We caught the symptoms early, and he was put on insulin shots. We do home glucose testing and monitor for ketones very closely. As of November 1, 2003, Sassy is no longer getting insulin for his diabetes, it seems to be in remission. He is looking forward to many happy years with Misty.

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Toby, Our Honorary Feline (GA)

This is Toby, who raised our first kitty Pyewacket. He taught her all things woofer. Like Sassy, he was a very laid back little guy who loved to run and play with his toys. We helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge at 13 years old in June 1987.

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Gordon Whitefoot, Our Little Foster Kitty

This is Gordon, he showed up August 2003 looking very thin and hungry. After wolfing down a whole can of food, he decided our house was his ticket to a good meal! We tried to find his owner, posted signs, checked with local vets and shelters, but no luck. After vet visits for blood tests and shots, we found him a great home with one of our veterinary assistants.

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